J.C. Loen
An Obelus Wheeze

An Obelus Wheeze

Signed paperback edition of An Obelus Wheeze.


About the book:
Lee has fled Chert in pursuit of the traitor Dan. She’s heading for Mexico accompanied by her guide, Snake Girl—she can’t decide which is worse: the climate or the company.

An Obelus Wheeze is a road trip on horseback—across scorching deserts and freezing mountains. The outlaw known as Crazy Cat gets to prove what she’s made of in encounters with bandits and rattlesnakes, crazy ole coots, saddle sores, and worst of all: a city.

An Obelus Wheeze is the second book in the western series The 9 Lives of the Outlaw Known as Crazy Cat. It’s a story of hardship and love, unforgiving climates, and sordid sons of bitches.

- Recommended for mature readers -
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